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What is Personal Injury?

Should I File A Personal Injury Lawsuit or Claim? There are many reasons someone might be considering filing a personal injury claim or lawsuit. Let’s say someone is injured in a car accident caused by another party and suffers the cost of unexpected medical bills, in addition to chronic pain. Is this a legitimate reason […]

Why Get A Legal Separation In Tennessee Instead Of A Divorce

Why Get A Legal Separation In Tennessee Instead Of A Divorce? No couple decides to get married with the intention of getting divorced later on. Unfortunately, some relationships do not work out in the long run. That means there comes a time when decisions about separation and divorce are going to need discussing. If both […]

Top 21 Things To Know About Child Support in Tennessee

Depending on the circumstances, facts and number of children involved, child support issues can range from simple to complex. Parents have a legal obligation to help financially support their children. What Do I Need To Know About TN Child Support? In this post, we discuss common questions about child support in Tennessee. You’ll also get […]

Filing for Divorce in TN: Everything You Need to Know

If someone wants to get a divorce in Tennessee, they have to prove to the court a reason why they should be granted a divorce. What are the options of “grounds” you can show to the court to get it to grant you a divorce? Tennessee Code Annotated 36-4-101 lists 15 options that, if proven, […]

How to Maximize Your Tennessee Car Accident Settlement

Regardless of the extent of your injuries, a car accident can be very stressful. Dealing with a damaged vehicle and repairs is much easier than dealing with physical injuries and emotional issues. Remembering these five things can help to make your accident much less traumatic: 5 Ways to Maximize Your Tennessee Car Accident Settlement 1) […]

Tennessee DUI Laws, Penalties, Questions in 2020 – The Ultimate Guide

Tennessee DUI Laws Drinking alcohol and then get behind the wheel is a recipe for disaster. In Tennessee, drunk driving has been the number one killer since 2012 and the State aggressively pursues these cases. There are serious consequences for drivers who are caught driving after drinking alcohol. If you have been arrested and charged […]

Lemon Law in TN: What It Is and Why It’s Important

The Lemon Law in Tennessee What is the lemon law? That’s a term you may have heard before. A “Lemon” is a motor vehicle sold or leased after January 1, 1987, that has a defect or condition that substantially impairs the motor vehicle; and the person you bought it from cannot repair the vehicle after […]

Public Intoxication in Tennessee

My name is Jed McKeehan, and today, we’re going to talk about the term public intoxication and what that statute says about people who may or may not be publicly intoxicated. It’s codified at Tennessee Code Annotated 39-17-310, and that statute says that if someone is in a public place and they are under the […]

Tennessee Child Custody Laws: What You Need to Know

Whether you’re married or not, it’s necessary to put a child custody arrangement in place if you and your child’s other parent decide to part ways. But how does a court determine what the arrangement will be? There are actually several factors used to determine child custody in Tennessee. You may have heard that mothers […]