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Are Tennessee Divorce Records Public?

Divorce proceedings involve discussion of your life's most intimate details. If you end up in court, this all becomes part of the public record. Because of these rules you may be…

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3 Things You Should Know Before Your Court Date

There are many things about which someone preparing to appear in court need to know. In a video series, I answer many of these questions about the law and more. (View them all…

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Contested Divorce in Tennessee: What to Do When Spouses Can’t Agree

No doubt getting a divorce under any circumstances is stressful. Even when a marriage ends without a challenge from either party, there are many steps to finalizing a divorce.…

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3 Steps Before Filing for Divorce in Tennessee

After you’ve made the difficult decision to divorce your spouse, you must take some specific steps before divorce proceedings can officially begin in the courts. Complete this…

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Uncontested Divorce: How It Works in Tennessee

Not every divorce requires a lengthy and contentious journey through the courts. Some couples are in agreement about the end of their marriage and can part ways with no muss or…

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Divorce Mediation in Tennessee: How Does Divorce Mediation Work?

The stress around obtaining a divorce is high for all parties involved, particularly when it comes to child custody and dividing marital assets. It’s inevitable that many divorce…

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9 Crucial Tips to Prepare for a Divorce Trial From an Expert Tennessee Attorney

When you got married, you were certain they were The One. But as it turns out, forever isn't as long as you thought. Now that the arguing is over, the papers have been filed, and…

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Why Get A Legal Separation In Tennessee Instead Of A Divorce

Why Get A Legal Separation In Tennessee Instead Of A Divorce? No couple decides to get married with the intention of getting divorced later on. Unfortunately, some relationships…

Filing for Divorce in TN: 8 Things You Need to Know

If someone wants to get a divorce in Tennessee, they have to prove to the court a reason why they should be granted a divorce. I’ll answer some of the most popular questions asked…