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About McKeehan Law Group

At McKeehan Law Group, our attorneys are dedicated to guiding you through life’s most difficult situations, whether it be a divorce, child custody, personal injury or criminal charge. We are in your corner!

One law firm meeting all your needs: Rebuilding your family. Regaining your freedom. Renewing your life.

Our Attorneys

Jed McKeehan

When I first started as a Knoxville attorney in 2007, I had absolutely no clue what kind of law I wanted to practice. After many years of practice, I have found that what I love is the stuff you see on TV. Sure, I don’t mind sitting down and doing some legal research and writing for a few hours from time to time, but to go to court and negotiate, argue, and litigate – that’s exciting stuff! So when I’m meeting with clients and discussing possible courses of action, I won’t be trying to talk clients out of going to trial because I’m very comfortable handling a trial. I will only encourage other courses of action, like settlement discussions and mediation, when I believe them to be in your best interest. So contact me today or call at 865-294-8008.

Jed McKeehan

Sean Freeland

Sean was born and raised outside of Charleston, SC.  He graduated from the College of Charleston with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science.  Shortly after graduating, Sean moved to Knoxville and obtained a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice and a Juris Doctorate degree from Lincoln Memorial University, Duncan School of Law.  During Sean’s time in law school, he was a member of the executive board for the LMU Law Review and has multiple publications.  Prior to joining McKeehan Law Group, Sean worked for criminal defense firms and district attorney’s offices, allowing him to hone his criminal justice skills from both the prosecutorial and defense perspectives.  Aside from criminal defendants, Sean has represented clients through divorce, child custody issues, personal injury, and contractual lawsuits. Sean’s background and experience allow him to provide thoughtful advice on a myriad of legal issues.  So contact Sean today or call our office at 865-294-8008.