The real answer to the question “how long it does it take to get a divorce in Tennessee” is “however long it takes”. However, you can estimate some numbers to answer the question. Most divorces take two to six months to work their way through the system. Of course, contested divorces can take much longer.

“Quickie” Divorce in Tennessee

As your Knoxville divorce attorney can further explain, Tennessee offers two forms of divorce: uncontested and contested. By Tennessee standards the uncontested form is as quick as they come. A divorce is considered uncontested when both parties agree to mediation, remain basically on the same page about the divorce and share no minor children But even when no children are involved and both parties are on the same page, you must wait through a mandatory 60-day period after filing in the courts to finalize.

To have your divorced finalized within two months, you and your opposing party must come to an agreement via mediation, rather than challenging the divorce in court. In most cases, the splitting of marital assets through mediation can save you much time and money.

What If We Go to Divorce Court?

In a contested divorce, two parties who cannot agree through mediation or have shared minor children find themselves facing off in court. This changes the length of time it takes to get a divorce in Tennessee drastically.

However, even with court proceedings, the divorce process can move quickly once the 60-day waiting period ends and a court date is established. If litigations over disagreements don’t bog everything down, parties can achieve a quick solution. Even in court, a divorce can be final in a matter of weeks.

Divorce Can Take a Very Long Time

What if those seeking a divorce cannot agree on anything from division of assets to child custody? In those cases, how long might a divorce take?

Though longer than an uncontested divorce may take, even in contested divorce where everyone ends up in court most cases wrap up within 6-18 months. Be forewarned that particularly contentious divorces can take years to become final. Some other factors that might increase the time taken for a divorce to finalize include:

  • At least one spouse must have a Tennessee residency for at least six months. Plus, children living outside the state complicate custody arrangements, which could prolong the process.
  • Before any case appears before a judge, the filing spouse serves a summons on the other. The person receiving the summons has 30 days to respond or file a counter complaint. If that spouse serves in the military, the court may award extra time, depending upon circumstances.
  • Tennessee courts require both parents of minor children to attend and complete a parenting class to learn how divorce impacts children.
  • Also, affecting divorcing parents of minor children, a Tennessee divorce court requires parties to attend a facilitated mediation. Its goal being to guide parents into a parenting plan agreeable to both parties.

Hire a Knoxville Divorce Lawyer

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