We’ve all been there. Driving down a Tennessee road to suddenly see a lot of blue lights flashing and cars slowing down. Checkpoints for any reason can be stressful, but DUI checkpoints sometimes result in disaster for a driver. The best way to avoid trouble at a DUI checkpoint is to not drink and drive. However, the flaws in some sobriety tests can result in even a sober person being arrested. Because of concerns it’s important to educate yourself about your rights ahead of time.

Important Questions about DUI Checkpoints in Tennessee

Are DUI checkpoints legal in Tennessee?

You might wonder if this sort of random stop is even legal in Tennessee. The answer is yes.

Why does Tennessee allowed DUI checkpoints?

The CDC estimates that one out of ten possible deaths can be prevented by a checkpoint. The safety of Tennesseans can be protected, even as they are inconvenienced.

What rights do drivers retain in a checkpoint?

It is important to remember your rights, if you encounter a checkpoint. Here is a basic list:

  • There is no requirement that you go through a checkpoint at all. If legally able to do so, you can turn around.
  • You do not have to answer extraneous questions asked during the stop. Officers can only require you provide your driver’s license, registration and proof of insurance.
  • You can refuse to take a sobriety test, if one if requested by an officer. However, you may encounter excessive pushback or other consequences of refusal.
  • Officers need probable cause to search your vehicle. Don’t give them one. Have all of your information ready before getting to the front of the line, even if that means pulling over and gathering it ahead of time.

Can you challenge the results of a DUI checkpoint?

You can challenge a DUI arrest from this source, just like all others. As mentioned above, challenging the legality of the stop probably won’t get your charges dropped, but you can challenge everything else. In order to present a strong defense, finding a good lawyer can make all the difference. Schedule a free consultation with an experienced DUI defense attorney from McKeehan Law Group today!