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When you’ve been seriously injured, you are rightly consumed with getting healthy, making it hard to think about hiring an attorney. But it is incredibly important to discuss your potential case with a personal injury lawyer. You need an experienced attorney who will discuss your options, protect your rights, and ensure you are reasonably compensated for your injuries.

I have served Knoxville area clients suffering from personal injuries for many years and I spent my formative years as an attorney handling personal injury cases almost exclusively. I have been pleased to serve my personal injury client in getting them the financial compensation they need to help them recover, including a $1.2 million wrongful death jury verdict for a grieving family.

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What you need to know before hiring a personal injury lawyer

In my first meeting with a potential personal injury client, we discuss the two essential parts of a personal injury case: fault and damages.


Successful personal injury claims must show that your injury was caused by the other party. For example, if someone else’s actions caused you to be in a car wreck, it is very important to demonstrate how that the wreck was their fault. Similarly, if you slip and fall on someone else’s property, you must prove that your fall was the property owner’s fault.


Another word for damages is costs.  Damages are typically medical expenses incurred by the injured party.  But sometimes damages can include lost wages and other financial impacts.  If another driver runs into you and you have resulting medical costs you can make a legitimate personal injury claim.

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I speak to many people who have one of these two key elements missing from their case. It is critical to a successful claim to have both, demonstrating that it is the other person’s fault and that you have damages.

I hope you never have to think about these things.  But if you do get in a car wreck or fall somewhere and you are considering legal action, consider whether you can show that your injuries were caused by someone else and that you have damages (costs).


I broke my ankle on someone else’s property. Jed took an hour of his time to discuss the merits of my case and consulted me about possible courses for resolution. I was pleased with his knowledge, honesty, and willingness to provide advice. – Adam, posted on February 11, 2019

If you are unsure whether or not you have a case, please schedule a free consultation to discuss your situation and possible next steps.