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When Do Child Support Payments End in Tennessee?

For custodial and non-custodial parents, there is no point more contentious than the amount and timing of child custody payments from one to another. Tennessee law states that…

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Top 21 Things To Know About Child Support in Tennessee

Depending on the circumstances, facts and number of children involved, child support issues can range from simple to complex. Parents have a legal obligation to help financially…

What Are a Father’s Rights in Tennessee to a Child Born Out of Wedlock?

Father's Rights in Tennessee Unfortunately, this issue comes up a lot in this day and age, and it’s surprising how few people know the answer. So, a couple that is not married…

Tennessee Child Custody Laws: What You Need to Know

 Whether you're married or not, it's necessary to put a child custody arrangement in place if you and your child's other parent decide to part ways. But how does a court…